если только по 3

Это оно:
Nowhere Man - 1lostone
Prince Among Wolves - tylerfucklin (zimothy)
Hello, Heartbreaker - astoryaboutwar (ofalexandra)

и на спущенных можно ездить:
Alpha Spikes - starbeast

так хорошо, что страшно продолжать
A Wolf and His Boy - lovesrain44

любимый таг - Stiles' Dad is actually not an idiot

а ведь почти мое- но нет:
Nothing Less - bigboobedcanuck

все очень нра, особенно эрихи марии
He's The Wolf - Unknown
Stiles and Derek dating pretty much. Think of it as a montage with First Day of My Life by Bright Eyes playing in the background. Or What Makes You Beautiful by those British people and the one Irish kid.

Whichever floats your boat.

Also, Stiles gets guilty. The end
Have you all noticed that my chapter titles have nothing to do with the chapters and everything to do with the movie?
нет, ну будь я бетой, я бы побурчало на то и на это, но все фигня, пока есть такие почеркушки на полях
Chapter 6: And This Is Why She's The Man Wasn't Rated R
...Also sex.

Yeah, that's the important part, I think.

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