For Your Information by reni_days

and Merlin is watching with open amusement as Uther
attempts to force down a chip butty without actually allowing it to touch any part of his body, including
his taste buds.

"Merlin," says Gaius, very slowly. "Why is Uther Pendragon sending you flowers?"
Merlin glares. "Because he doesn't understand about Pride weekend," he grits. "I never should have
mentioned it, but he asked about holidays, like he thought we were some sort of weird religious
organisation. Look at this card: Congratulations on your homosexuality. I am proud of you."
Gaius stares at him for a long moment, and then tips back his head and laughs and laughs.

Merlin narrows his eyes. "Uther. Are you inviting me to your family lunch on Sunday, or not?"
Uther scowls. "I rather thought that was obvious," he says stiffly.
A horrible, horrible suspicion blooms in Merlin's mind. "Oh, god," he says, horrified. "We're not
dating, right? You're not - you're not gay. Right?"
"What?“ Uther looks like he's about to keel right over at the table.

"Because you know exactly two gay people in all the world," Merlin explains. "And I understand how
that translates in your head, and you think it makes perfect sense for us to pair off, but that's not actually
how that works."
"Of course that's how it works," Uther snaps. "People set their children up all the time. And Arthur is a
fine young man. You could do much worse, you know."

"The first time we met, he asked me how many STDs I have to get treated for each year," Merlin
confides to Arthur, who makes an extremely undignified sound by way of response, and bleats,
Uther scowls at Merlin.

If there were any sort of justice in the world, that would have been the end of it, but all of Merlin's
Pendragon experiences thus far have taught him better than to cling to such a fragile hope by now.
Which is why it almost - almost - manages not to surprise him when a woman who looks like a
supermodel strolls up to the counter out of nowhere the next day and announces with a frightening
smirk, "So, this is the mighty Merlin."

"So, this is the face that launched a thousand broken hearts," she says, almost warmly. "Or at least two
of them. They're pining, you know, the pair of them. It's ridiculous, and sort of precious."


The Practice Boyfriend - giselleslash
бывает так, прочтя цто-то в тагах думаешь - ну нет, а потом с каждой новой строчкой - о, да! тысячу раз да!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

“Because he’s a manwhore. No. I’m not subjecting you to Arthur. He’d date a broom if it had tits. Or a dick. And a negative IQ.”
“But you said he was gorgeous.”
“Of course he is, and he knows it too. Manwhores are always gorgeous, it’s part of what makes them manwhores, but that doesn’t mean you should date them.”

No worries,” Merlin said as he started to turn around. “Thankfully my drink stayed in my hand.”
“Thank fuck for that, I’d never in my life want to inadvertently murder a perfectly innocent drink.”

“Abort! Abort! Merlin, abort!” Elena hollered at him as she bee-lined her way toward the two of them, nearly knocking people over in the process. “Abort!”
“You’re hardly covert, Elena,” Arthur said and raised an eyebrow at her when she slumped against Merlin’s side, flushed and out of breath.
She just waved her hand in Arthur’s face. “Whatever. Abort, Merlin.”
“Elena,” Merlin sighed. “Good grief.”
“Remember your mantra,” she said as she started to drag Merlin away by his arm. “Gotta go, Arthur. See you later.”

“Ha ha, laugh all you want, but I actually am quite clever at board games.”
“It just so happens that I adore board games, Monopoly in particular. I play it with my mate, Mithian, and I’m quite pleased to say that I’ve made her cry on several occasions with my pedantic playing strategies.”
“I wouldn’t brag about making your mate cry.”
“You haven’t met her, if you had you’d be extremely impressed.”

“She’s helping me find a date.”
“I thought that was rather obvious, my question is why?”
“Because I need one.”
Arthur laughed. “Don’t we all?”
“No,” Merlin sighed again. “I need one so I can practice and be able to have a proper date later on. Or at least one without an ill-conceived handjob.”
“Handjob?” Arthur stood up straight and Merlin laughed at his Pavlovian response to the word. “Tell me more about that bit.”
“Absolutely not,” Merlin said as he kept laughing. “No way.”
“Spoilsport,” Arthur grumped.

“Well then, if that’s the case I think I ought to be one of your practice dates,” Arthur said. “If only to alleviate you of such horrendous and erroneous assumptions.”
“Are you asking me out?” Merlin asked. “I couldn’t tell through all of those big, impressive words.”
Arthur laughed. “Okay. Fine. I’ll make it simple. You. Me. Food?”

Merlin,” Elena sighed. “What did I tell you about Arthur?”
“To stay away from him and his manwhoring ways?”
“Exactly. And who are you seeing in less than an hour despite repeated warnings?”
“Arthur and his manwhoring ways?”

“You know, now would be the perfect time to ask me up for a drink,” Arthur said.
Merlin laughed to cover his quick rush of nervousness. “I’m not that sauve. Do I really look like a
person that offers people drinks to lure them up to my flat?”
“To be perfectly honest?” Arthur asked with a smile. “No. But you said you wanted to learn how to
play the dating game, it’s really past time you ask me up to your place.”
Arthur’s hand moved further up Merlin’s thigh and he couldn’t stop staring at it.
“What could I say instead of drinks?” Merlin asked quietly, his eyes still focused on Arthur’s hand. “To
get you up to my flat?”
“To be perfectly honest again?” Arthur asked. “Pretty much anything at this point.

“Lesson number whatever, always come bearing food.”
“Duly noted,” Merlin said as he went to grab plates and silverware. “I’m starving.”
“And I have food. See, already in your good graces and the evening hasn’t even truly begun. Lesson

“You have had sex before, right?” Arthur asked.
“Really bad sex, but yeah, I have.”
“Well, see, now’s the time to improve on that really bad sex and transform it into really average sex.”
Merlin laughed. “You sell it so well.”
“I’d sound like a pompous twat if I told you the truth.”
“Which is -?”
“Mind. Blown.” Arthur said as he spread his hands out in front of him

“What are you doing?” Merlin asked, equal parts amused and panicked.
Arthur hopped around as he struggled with a sock. “Just thought I’d get this bit taken care of,” Arthur
said, “it might make you feel slightly more comfortable to be at the advantage here.”
“And your being naked will help with that?” Merlin stuttered.

couldn’t deny that there was an inherent absurdity about naked men, what with all their bits just there
and flopping about. Cocks and balls were just fucking funny and Merlin would never be accused of
being overly mature about anything, much less this, but beyond all of that there was


хорошо болеть - мне теперь все нравится
Cry Havoc - отлично пошел
мерлиновск Gadarene - еще лучше
даже жаль, что сериал забросила, а все из-за Морганы


Carry On TamrynEradani

...единствен фик где я не могу наложить картинку на того тенев Д, т.е. как раз на Дина когда он с Чарли или Бобби, в гараже или дома - все работает, т.е. мне даже не то чтобы это мешает читать, и мне честно понравилось вот только почти весь Дин Кас у меня в голове Д как просто кто-то ;
долгая и длинная д/с когда на работе всякая дрянь и кака, гораздо легче прочувств притягат момента когда ни чувст ни решений и от тебя сл богу уже ничего не зависит


Not As Described Febricant

мой любимый цвет и размер:))))))))))))))))пожалуй , мое любимое все


на самом деле именно так:-I don't actually care that much.
I was going to rant about how this show lived down to every lazy, cliched plot twist you could think of, how it was so full of bullshit as to turn Scott's newly red alpha eyes brown, but I don't actually care that much. ...

а ведь была уверена что никакие рекапы или мета по TW меня не заинтересуют, но лайкну много-много

1. that Scott and Stiles were smart enough to spot that they were both talking to lying liars who lie (.....) And how clearly Peter and Gerard are paralleled as poison in the family bosom even before everything went bad.


Your mileage may vary on Jackson Whittemore but I think he is a colossal waste of space and time, so I was pretty pleased to see him go, especially if it meant Lydia having more of her own story. .
наверн, я единствен, кому жалко что Джексон ушел. т.е. да, он тянул на себя одеяло, а на всех времени нет. И для Л он значил больше ,чем она для него .., но все равно как-то

But the problem with storytelling, especially serialized storytelling like this, is that you have only succeeded as a writer or storyteller if you have a broad structure that supports your characters; if you don’t, all your minor successes won’t ultimately be worth much of anything
Even if the audience knows a writer has his flaws, as long as he does a good enough job with the story he is telling, he is essentially the god of the story: we trust stories to have an internal logic that real life doesn’t because there is a very obvious deity present from the get-go when it comes to storytelling.

As much as I wonder why Lydia loves Jackson so much, I really respect that she does and that the show respects that without mocking it. Ditto Stiles' crush on Lydia. You can have feelings that are never going to do you any good or (presumably) go anywhere…that doesn't make them less real or affect your behavior less.



о-паа, теперь дошла очередь до калпурнвск Don't Worry Baby
девочка дорогая, не уходииз фандома


"Turn that off," Hale says, eyes flicking to the little recorder sitting on the desk between them, then back to Stiles' face. Stiles feels like he's being sized up for a coffin.

на самом деле я отрываюсь по полной в компании с Every Step You Take, это смешно и здорово и необыкновенно приятно и радостно читать, но пока искала где же сохранила, напала на это- по сериалу- а можно любить двух, а можно хотеть читать все сразу и чтобы ни разу ни слиплось:))))
блиин, даже если Kalpurna просто прикалолась - все равно хочу:))


как я могла забыть - There is a Brotherhood!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
мне даже жалко, что кроме как мазать зубной пастой, сшивать треники, да протягивать на проходе нитки ничего и не было


Based on a truly ridiculous conversation with Kalpurna about a hypothetical Stilinski Twins situation that ended up sounding something like:
“FUUUUUUCK, is it a sweet valley high situation where Stiles is very aware that his twin is way more attractive and confident than he is, EVEN THOUGH THEY'RE IDENTICAL, and he always ends up with the hotter significant others and more friends and Stiles guesses that's why he's attracted to the pack at first, because it's something that's just his, not his twin's too. But of course, Stiles's twin gets bit and now he's part of Derek's pack, and Derek doesn't snap at him like he snaps at Stiles, never slams him into things, fucking FIGURES, STILES'S TWIN GETS EVERYTHIIIIIIIING.”
Kalpurna/good ideas OTP.

абсолютно согласна,
мне очень очень , хочется еще такого славного


О-пааааааааа! и она права
Air on a G String -rufflefeather BECAUSE HET!SEX IS HOT. WHO KNEW?
а еще там такая Лидия..........(и Эллисон тоже ничего)

а еще я пережила вчерашний день , а самое главное выходные, и н,аверное, 17 уже не страшно - спасибо замечательной qhuinn (tekla) , ее Enemy Lines меня реально спас, а на потом остался ее же Strike Softly (Away From The Body)


на работе все фигово , а мне никак было не найти макси на чтиво. Что особенно удручающе, от макси единственно, что хочется, это не зашкаливающий уровень глупости в начале, лишь бы расчитать....... но теперь есть Commands and /contrasts, Enemy lines и никакие отчеты не страшны


если только по 3

Это оно:
Nowhere Man - 1lostone
Prince Among Wolves - tylerfucklin (zimothy)
Hello, Heartbreaker - astoryaboutwar (ofalexandra)

и на спущенных можно ездить:
Alpha Spikes - starbeast

так хорошо, что страшно продолжать
A Wolf and His Boy - lovesrain44

любимый таг - Stiles' Dad is actually not an idiot

а ведь почти мое- но нет:
Nothing Less - bigboobedcanuck

все очень нра, особенно эрихи марии
He's The Wolf - Unknown
Stiles and Derek dating pretty much. Think of it as a montage with First Day of My Life by Bright Eyes playing in the background. Or What Makes You Beautiful by those British people and the one Irish kid.

Whichever floats your boat.

Also, Stiles gets guilty. The end
Have you all noticed that my chapter titles have nothing to do with the chapters and everything to do with the movie?
нет, ну будь я бетой, я бы побурчало на то и на это, но все фигня, пока есть такие почеркушки на полях
Chapter 6: And This Is Why She's The Man Wasn't Rated R
...Also sex.

Yeah, that's the important part, I think.

@темы: TW


с 5 числа начинаются выкладки
а пока можно еще раз полюбоваться Barbara_ger
ее арт на 2011 просто невероятен


слишком много Баньши - полезла проверять, как же звали Мег, но оказалось вовсе не Маерс, а совсем даже Мастерс

и как продуктивно ничего не делать - на десерт осталось всего 3 серии Хемлок гроув



Author here: Jared had a few words to say about your comment. ;)
Jared: Unreliable, whaddya mean, unreliable?! I'm the most reliable mate ever! I bring home fresh kills, and guard the den, and I provide a good breeding whenever my mate wants it! You hear that, my love? Whenever you want it...like now? Or how about now? Now is good.
Jensen: *facepalms* You're just proving the point, moron. Augh! Wai - oomph!
Jared: Now?
Jensen: ...fine.

His mate was taking forever on his latest round of what Jensen called household chores. Jared had already taken a nap, snuck one of Jensen's tasty little meat and fat cakes, and scent marked the cave boundaries. Twice. And the man was still fiddling around with that beaver kill. Sure, it was nice to see his hard work appreciated, but this was really going too far. Jared whined loudly and stomped his front paws on the ground. Nothing. Not even a twitch.

Hmph. Jensen clearly needed to be reminded that his beloved alpha was right here, available for any and all lavish displays of affection. Jared was bereft – or at the very least, quite bored – without the attentions of his beguiling little human. He trotted over to the chores rock, where Jensen was trimming scales off the beaver tail with his – knife. Mmm, beaver tail. So fatty and delicious. Jared's mouth started watering as he sidled closer to sniff at the half skinned tail appreciatively.

“Oh, hey, I'm almost – oh no you don't,” Jensen warned.

Jared narrowed his eyes. And just who had caught said beaver in the first place? He growled warningly -

And his wily little mate offered up an irresistible distraction. “If you leave the tail alone, I'll play a game of fetch with you.”

Fetch was the most wonderful mating ritual ever. Well, not as wonderful as actually mating – but darned close!

And yet he found himself smiling irresistibly at the wolf's obvious affection. Cracked, without a doubt, but a real sweetheart. He fished out the last cake from his pack.


В чужом, не известном и не сильно интересном фандоме критичность к тексту резко снижается. ООС? Пофиг. АУ-у-у-у-у? И что? Герои ведут себя как идиоты? Пофиг. Логика повествования ночует в другом тексте? Ну и что? Читаем дальше.Герои могут даже сопеть, пыхтеть, визжать и ронять слюни. И тот факт что все тексты, за крайне редким исключением, написаны под копирку, клоны, близнецы и прочее... вообще не волнует. Он не волнует фанатов фандома, отчего он должен волновать стороннего читателя?А тот факт что в тоннах и залежах попадаются действительно красивые и интересные фики только радует.

не знаю как у других - у меня вот точно так.



мне ужасно нравится, а у детей не пошло никак. Стaрший пожал плечами- это же полицейская драма, я такие не люблю, Dexter исключение - я от возмущения язык проглотила- ни фига ж себе так обозвать/// а меня так вело от первого сезна Наст крови- видимо это мой любимый цвет и размер - маленький город, милейшие люди с вываливающими из шкафов скелетами, а еще приятное ощущение, что все понарошку :))))))
даже Лафайету нашлось местечко (только мало) -Джоб, минус один - они там матом разговаривают, что вобщем тоже напоминает Н.кровь - и там и тут случайно наткнулась на ТВ а потом уже нашла на кино-дом- и классическое ....ээеее, вроде другим запомнился:)